The New SHApe Architectural Blog

Welcome to the new SHApe Architectural blog where we hope to bring the architectural and sub-contracting community valuable information not only about our products and services but those effecting the architectural facade industry as a whole. The topic for this blog of course is the launch of our brand new site. As the front page says SHApe Architectural is the new name and brand of the manufacturing division of Shaffner Heaney Associates, Inc. It has been a long time coming. While Shaffner Heaney has been fabricating architectural metals for over three decades it has always been a component of a larger business. In the last 15 years that component has grown to be our biggest source of revenue and with our national reach it deserved its own identity. We are developing exciting new products under the SHApe banner to bring to the architectural community like Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) panels using Ductal, perforated and single skin panels, pultruded fiberglass stand-off clips for continuous insulation and other new products to come. It is an exciting time to be in the architectural facades business with changes in energy codes, facade performance, fire performance like NFPA 285, and design tools like Revit, Rhino, and other modeling software creating building shapes never before seen.

Stay tuned for the latest news from SHApe Architectural!