Envel, Ultra High Performance Concrete

SHApe Architectural is proud to be the exclusive fabricator of Envel, the newest Ultra High Performance Conrete cladding panel product on the market. UHPC (Ultra High Strength Concrete) is defined as a concrete having minimum compressive strength of 20,000 psi containing fibers in order to achieve a ductile behavior under tension. These remarkable strength values (some 10 times greater than standard concrete) are a result of years of research resulting in the optimization of the concrete matrix for maximum densification of aggregates the largest of which is sand. When combined with organic fibers this mix can be cast in relatively thin sheets and complex shapes for use in cladding or architectural components. Ductal’s TM characteristics result in a concrete product that is much less permeable than standard concrete, more abrasion resistant, and longer lasting by an order of 3-4 times than that of traditional concrete. It’s self-consolidating nature allows the mix to achieve never before seen fine detail in cast concrete. Find out more at www.envelfacade.com. 

Envel UHPC wall cladding cast with Ductal offers the architect and designer an entirely new array of seemingly limitless options when it comes to wall cladding and surface treatments.

UHPC components cast with Ductal TM are limited only by your imagination. From sunscreens and brise soleil to durable urban furniture and art. See examples at www.ductal.com  

UHPC Ultra High Performance Concrete Ductal

SHApe Architectural is proud to be the exclusive fabricator of Envel, the newest Ultra High Performance Concrete panel to come to market.